Ontario Provincial Nominee

Do you want to live and work in Ontario? The Ontario Provincial Nominee program might be for you.

Hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to Canada each year, with a large portion pinpointing Ontario as their destination. And who could blame them? With the views of CN tower, Niagara Falls, and countless national parks and museums, it’s easy to understand where all that interest comes from.

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What is the Ontario provincial nominee program?

Simply put, Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, also known as Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), is an immigration program that allows all qualified foreign nationals to immigrate to Ontario, Canada through obtaining Canadian PR Visa.

This is an economic immigration program, meaning that at its core, the program aims to bring foreign talent into Canada and boost Ontario’s economy.

The candidates may be nominated by the Canadian government or by the Ontario government in advance, based on a need for workers with skills for example. Those who are accepted by the program are on the faster track within the Express Entry system to Canadian Immigration

Some professions that are needed in Ontario are medical doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, engineers, and software developers.

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Who is eligible for the Ontario Provincial nominee program?

As mentioned, the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is for skilled foreign nationals who are looking to immigrate and work in Canada.

Naturally, there are multiple categories that each of these potential nominees can fall under, as some are brought into further economic development and some for job creation.

OINP streams have been generally divided into three categories:

  • Employer Job Offer
  • Human Capital
  • Business Immigration

If it does not seem like enough – don’t worry, each stream has several subcategories.

The requirements vary for each category and are individually tailored. But they all consider the same factors: experience, education, language skills and future potential in Canada.

Keep reading below to decide which one is the best fit for you and your goals in Canada.

What are the different immigration streams for Provincial Nominee Program?

The province of Ontario has set up three streams to help immigrants with the essential qualifications. These include experience, education, language skills and ability to settle Canadian life as well as being able to contribute economically while here.

These are the three ways you can qualify for a nomination:

  1. Employer Job Offer category. This one is straightforward – to be considered, you must receive a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. Keep in mind that both the job and employer have to fill a specific list of requirements that the province outlines here. There are three substreams in this category:
    1. Federal Worker stream: for any foreign skilled workers with a Canadian job offer.
    2. International Students stream: foreign students who have completed post-secondary education in Canada and have a valid job offer upon graduation.
    3. In-Demand Skills stream: foreign skilled workers who received a job offer in a specific in-demand sector such as agriculture, trucking, personal support work or construction.
  2. Human Capital category. This category targets candidates that already have a living history in the province and accesses their qualifications (experience, language, etc.) before granting them a PR. There are generally two types of applicants that fall under that category:
    1. International Graduates: students who have completed Masters or PhD degrees in Ontario can apply through OINTP portal within two years of graduation.
    2. Ontario’s Express Entry: if you already have an up-to date profile within the Express Entry system and have received notification of interest (NOI) from Ontario’s government, you can supply under one of these streams or programs:
      1. French-Speaking Skilled Worker Program
      2. Human Capital Priorities Stream
      3. Skilled Trades Stream
  3. Business category. If you’re more of a free thinker and don’t want to work for anyone besides yourself, this category was made for you. It only features one stream – Entrepreneur – which is designed for any foreign internationals who want to implement a new business idea or buy and grow and existing business in Ontario. Find out if you can qualify here.

How do I apply for the Provincial Nominee Program in Ontario?

There are four main steps you must follow to submit a successful application Provincial Nominee application:

  1. Make sure you qualify. No matter the stream that you are applying under, read the requirements carefully – otherwise you will be rejected on the spot.
  2. Create a profile and receive a notification to apply or of interest. After you select a specific stream, you need to create a profile in an appropriate system (i.e., Express Entry) to express your interest in a Canadian PR.

After that, your profile can be evaluated and nominated. Only applicants who ranked in the top will receive an invitation to apply or NOI.

  1. Apply to be nominated. If you’re one of the lucky ones, make sure you apply to be nominated by the ONIP. Keep track of your application, as some streams have very specific deadlines for the application – otherwise the offer expiries.
  2. Get your PR from the Government of Canada. If your second application goes through as well and you are indeed nominated by the ONIP, then you can apply for a PR as a provincial nominee through IRCC department. Even though you’re nominated by Ontario, The Government of Canada still makes the final decision who becomes a permanent citizen.

What is Ontario provincial nominee program draw?

The province of Ontario has a monthly draw where it offers NOI notifications to Express Entry pool candidates. These applicants are then invited to apply for nomination through one of the OINP streams aligned with Express Entry.

The methodology and details used during each draw is announced as the draws themselves are.

How do I calculate my Ontario Provincial Nominee Program points?

If you’re applying through Human Capital category, you must fulfill the OINP Points requirements of 67 points and have adequate Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score.

These scores are calculated based on a multitude of factors such as your age, your Canadian and non-Canadian work experience and education, adaptability and many more.

You can create your Express Entry profile after and count to be submitted into the pool alongside other candidates who meet those qualifications as well and wait for the next program draw. If you get enough points, you might receive NOI (NOI), which allows you to apply for a nomination from Ontario.

Keep in mind that the below is just for Human Capital category, as other streams use different other ranking methods than CRS.

Section Maximum Points
Language Skills (French or English) 28
Age 12
Education 25
Experience (non-Canadian) 15
Canadian Work Offer 10
Adaptability 10

How much are the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program fees?

Most of the time, your application fees will include processing fees, the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, biometrics, and third-party fees (medical exams, language tests, etc.).

The total cost will depend on the category you filled under, as well as your individual circumstances. Still, the average cost per application is $1,325.

What is Ontario provincial nominee program processing time?

Your application can take anywhere between 90 days to 19 months, depending on your stream and complexity of your case.

Since you’re going through multiple processes and nominations, you must account for both the time that is taken by the Ontario province to offer you invitation to apply or NOI, as well as the time for the you PR to be processed.

To limit those times, it is your responsibility to make sure that all the forms are filled according to the guide, you have all the supporting documents, and your fees are paid in full.

Otherwise, the application will be sent back to you and then you can fix any errors that you’ve made, which might extend your wait.


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