With its strong academic background, high-quality life, Canada welcomes thousands of international students each year. What makes this country so popular with school graduates overseas, though? Marcus Educate created a list of beneficial facts about Canadian education for you to learn:

First-rate quality of education.

Canada is well-known for its top-quality education worldwide. Last US News research ranked Canada third leading country for education in 2020. A degree, diploma or certificate received at a Canadian institution is recognized internationally. Canadian programs combine academic and practical elements. Students learn the theoretical material and apply the received knowledge in practice. Annual publication Quacquarelli Symonds’ Top University Ranking included 26 Canadian institutions to the chart in 2019.

Affordable tuition costs.

Studying in Canada is cost effective, as tuition fees and living costs are lower if compared to other English-speaking countries. You can attend a prestigious institution and get a globally recognized degree but pay less than in the USA or the UK. Plus, International students can receive scholarships and bursaries.

Research and Creativity Hub.

Canada’s academic system has a high emphasis on research and development. Local graduates take leading positions in technologies, biotechnology, engineering, and business. Canadian world-class institutions encourage their students to conduct in-depth research in the industries of medicine, media studies, or agriculture. Canada’s government appreciates students’ ambitions and eagerness to make discoveries and offers support.

Plus, Canada is famous for creative programs in creative directions like filmmaking or screenwriting, and Toronto or Vancouver are popular filming destinations. So, do not get surprised when accidentally stumble upon the filming set right on the territory of your university or college.

High-quality life.

Canada is the place where residents can enjoy one of the highest living standards. Nepstic (2019), a platform that highlights the best places to live, ranked Canada as the number one North American Country with superior life quality. Plus, Canada takes third place internationally. Canada’s key features include friendliness and tolerance, so everyone feels they belong here. Each newcomer to Canada gets equal rights and opportunities as the locals.

Canada warmly welcomes everyone.

One prominent feature of this country is multiculturalism and embracing diversity. Different national communities co-exist in one country. Each ethnic group enriches the Canadian culture with its national traditions, holidays, and cuisine. All the newcomers to the country feel warmly welcomed, as every international student can find a small piece of the homeland here.

Safe and peaceful country.

The phrase “peace and serenity” describes Canada well. The recent 2020 Global Peace Index report by the Institute of Economics & Peace, rated Canada the sixth safest place globally. Feeling safe and secured is one of the important things for a comfortable life. Especially with adapting to living in a new country that international students may experience.

Work and study simultaneously.

In Canada, international students can work up to 20 hours off campus per week while completing education. During summer or winter holidays, students can work full time. A part-time job helps students to gain invaluable work experience and finance their education and living expenditures. Plus, some programs offer Co-op opportunities for students.

Vibrant life of Canadian institutions.

The life of Canadian post-secondary students is always fun and exciting, as the campus atmosphere is vibrant and there is always something on. Canadian institutions offer good-quality education and various leisure activities for their students. Themed parties, events, social clubs, gyms, libraries, and other facilities are available on campus. Plus, the classrooms of Canadian institutions are wired with high-end technologies and are designed with students in mind.

In Canada, sky is the limit.

Canada can become your temple of growth and development, as it offers great opportunities for ambitious and forward-looking individuals. Both international and domestic graduates can find professional success and rewarding careers, as all the doors are open for them in Canada! After finishing studies, determined graduates can work in globally well-known organizations. Companies like IMAX corporation and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are headquartered in Toronto. It is also a place where leading tech companies like Ubisoft or Cisco Systems have their Canadian offices.

Future immigration opportunities.

For graduates looking to immigrate afterwards, a completed Canadian degree can make them successful candidates. International graduates can work in the country for up to three years after getting a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). It enables graduates to access a thriving Canadian job-market to build the work experience rate needed to become a permanent resident. To learn more about this opportunity, book a consultation with Marcus Educate professionals.

Place where a life-time adventure starts…

Studying abroad is a valuable experience for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons. No matter whether you plan to stay in Canada after the program completion or not, you will gain unforgettable memories and knowledge.

Along with academic prospects, the country of maple syrup is well-known for its jaw-dropping landscape and special vibe of multiculturalism. Adventure always awaits you in Canada. You can find an outdoor activity for any season, including skiing in winter, hiking in Fall, or sunbathing by the lake in summer. Late spring is perfect for a European-like weekend in Montreal to try the Canadian famous dish poutine and learn about French-speaking part of the country.

Become a Canadian international student today! Marcus Educate team will be your backup support and lead you thought-out the entire process from collecting documents in your home country to helping you adapt to a new life in Canada.

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