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Immigration Consultant
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Why Canada?

Canada is a third headliner on the list of top study destinations among international students from all over the globe. It is known for its high standards of living, breathtaking landscapes and superior quality of education. This is a land of grand opportunities, where everyone has room for professional growth to uncover their full potential. In 2020, US News and World Report ranked Canada as the second-best place for living.

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“Our goal is to help you finish your studies, which will help you build a foundation of your future career. We want to provide you with the ability to reach your potential and help you to achieve your goals.”

Marina Garvey

Immigration Consultant

Marina Garvey

Immigration Consultant

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC #R514071

(416) 628-38-59

Benefits of Canadian education system

Canada is the first peak for students seeking to impress their potential employer with their experiences and well-honed skills gained in one of the world-class institutions. Education here is based on a combination of theoretical and hands-on practice, making Canadian graduates fully prepared for the work setting and providing them with globally recognized degrees. Besides its high quality, Canadian education is more affordable and cost-effective, compared to the USA or the UK. International students in Canada can work while studying. This builds students’ experience for a resume and helps budget tuition fees. Above all, Canadian academic credentials can be the first step in immigration to this country.

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Road map of applying to the Canadian institution

So, if you want to make the first steps towards your Canadian dream, here is what to expect:


  • Begin your preparation process as early as possible, or at least 12 months before the program starts.


  • Firstly, have a rough idea of what career you want and explore different schools.


  • Consider all the must-have documents and support materials needed for enrollment to a Canadian institution. Each province has a separate education ministry, and admission conditions vary. However, there are several universal documents for all institutions, like high-school diplomas and final grades.


  • Some schools require motivational letters or references. Remember, this important step outlines all documents needed for the following steps, and it requires maximum attention.

In Canada, students can choose to study in college or university. Both two enable learners to complete their post-secondary education. However, colleges offer job-oriented programs helping students build practical skills. Universities offer more theoretical approaches and broader views of the selected industry.

Some disciplines are more developed in certain provinces. We recommend selecting the program that matches the applicant’s career goals and interests. Note, the selected school must comprise the Designated Learning Institutions list, meaning the institution can host international students.

Canada has two official languages: French and English. Based on the language used in the selected institution, candidates must complete a language proficiency test. It assesses listening, writing, and communicating skills to ensure applicants can comfortably interact with professors or classmates. English-speaking programs require candidates to complete IELTS or TOEFL. Be ready to pass IELTS for at least 6.0 in each band. French-speaking schools require TEF, TCF or equivalent tests. Benchmark scores for enrollment differ from institution to institution. Some universities offer an introductory year for students who got insufficient test scores, where they improve language skills with native speakers while studying introductory subjects for their future program.

Your English is not enough? Do not worry!

Our agency will help you to pass programs with a direct admission to the college or university (ESL classe , Pathway programs)

You send out an application pack with documents, including transcripts from previous education institutions. Check additional entry requirements for the specific programs. If seeking a career in a creative industry, you may need to submit sample work along with other documents.

Do not all the eggs in one basket and have a backup plan along with your priority institution. Besides the application pack, you need to pay an admission fee starting at CA $100 plus security deposit. Note, high proficiency test results accordingly give candidates priority for enrollment to their chosen university among other candidates.

The application process might be complicated from the first sight! We will help!

Most people consider visas as the key document to study in Canada. However, to attend a Canadian institution, candidates must hold a study permit. Whereas, a visa allows prospective students to leave Canada for their home country during Summer break for example and then return to pursue their studies. To apply for this permit, you must provide a letter of acceptance from university or college, identity proof or travel document, and a financial statement to prove your ability to pay for tuition fees and other living expenditures in Canada. Plus, with this permit, you can legally work while studying.

The list of documents for applying is individual for each applicant, but it was never easy as with Marcus Canada 

Preparation to study abroad can seem daunting…

Marcus Canada got your back! Our team will help you fulfill your Canadian dream. Now has never been a better time to make it real! Remember, studying in Canada is not about the institution you attend, but the experiences you gain while studying.

Hurry up and book a session with our experts to make dreams come true today!

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Let’s Make Things Happen

If you have any questions, or you have any doubts/concerts about education in Canada, or if you just wish to ask us for help with your programs, please reach out to us. We will gladly answer all of your questions. We are able to present and support your interests to the governmental bodies and agencies of Canada, including with regard to immigration. We are a licensed company that is able to meet all your immigration needs — R514071.

Marina Garvey
Immigration Consultant
(416) 628-38-59
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